Dance Projects

The Ladies in White
Winner of the 2008 National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest honor of artistic excellence, the Limón Dance Company celebrates its 65th Anniversary in 2012 with a new commission entitled The Ladies in White pairing Rodrigo Pederneiras, principle choreographer of Brazil’s Grupo Corpo, and world renowned Cuban musician and composer Paquito D’Rivera. Ladies in White is the recipient of an NDP Production Grant offering tour support for the 2012/2013 season. Another touring highlight includes the revival of José Limón’s classic The Emperor Jones (1956) awarded an NEA American Masterpiece Reconstruction Grant in 2010. Live music performances are encouraged. The company features 14 dancers.
  ROBERT MOSES’ KIN: San Francisco, CA
Scrub the Dog
Choreographer Robert Moses, known for his demanding choreography and provocative themes, creates Scrub the Dog, an inter-disciplinary work of dance, visual imagery and text that investigates how historically racist cultural iconography becomes “scrubbed” of its original meanings over time. This new work, artistically and thematically linked to RMK’s most recent collaboration with Elaine Bucholtz and playwright Anne Galjour titled Fable & Faith, recipient of an NDP Production Grant and tour support last season. Scrub the Dog is scheduled to premiere in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in March 2012. The company features 11 dancers.
The White Room
For over 37 years Jennifer Muller/The Works has applied a multi-disciplinary approach that weaves Dance, theater and visual arts to create dances that celebrate and illuminate the human spirit. Her newest full-length work The White Room, premiered in June 2011, follows this directive on a theme of the corruption of innocence. It contrasts purity with heartless self-interest, becoming a microcosm of society, its standards and mores. In the end it questions the value system of our times. The White Room features a compilation of cello-based music, lighting by Jeff Croiter and projections by Jerome Sirlin. The company features 13 dancers.
  ODC/DANCE: San Francisco, CA
40th Anniversary Year
ODC’s mission is to inspire audiences, cultivate artists, engage community, and foster diversity and inclusion through dance. ODC/Dance produces new work committed to interdisciplinary collaboration and musical commissions that reflect the aesthetic and social values of its three resident choreographers and Artistic Directors. The company is widely recognized for its fusion of ballet and modern techniques and celebrated its 40th anniversary season in San Francisco during March 2011. The company features 10 dancers.
The Antigone Project
Antigone, a retelling of the classic Antigone myth, transplants the story to the mountains of Appalachia featuring the much praised choreography of Diane Coburn Bruning in collaboration with the renowned Red Clay Ramblers who will create the original score. The performance of Antigone will be partnered by Bruning’s celebrated Ramblin Suite created for Atlanta Ballet in 2001 plus a band alone set by the Ramblers. This special partnership offers a genre and decade hopping live performance of music and dance. The company will feature 10 dancers and 5 musicians.
Sounds of Sokolow
Dance and live music together illuminate the vast range of Anna Sokolow’s creativity, revealing the artists innovative and personal relationships with music and composers. Sounds of Sokolow is a trilogy of masterworks that reflect her deepest feelings as an artist and penetrating reflections on the music being explored. The program features Sokolow’s Kurt Weill (1968), Odes, music by Edgar Varese (1966) and Lyric Suite, music by Alban Berg (1953). Sounds of Sokolow is part of a live music for dance initiative under the musical direction of Kenneth Hamrick and Fusion Bande. The company will Feature 20 dancers.
Sound Check
Sound Check takes the audience on an exploration of tap dance as music, tap dancers as musicians, and the tap floor as a musical instrument. Sound Check looks to expand the sonic range of tap by breaking molds and offering new voices that explore tap’s primal roots, folkloric influences and speech-like expressiveness. The production will also integrate film as a unifying element giving the work a fresh contemporary dynamic. Tony Waag, the “pied piper of tap” will direct this unique celebration of tap dance for an intimate cast of 7 dancers.
Salon Performances
Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance has a mission to excite dance audiences through the medium of classical ballet while expressing the immediacy and humanity of post-modern contemporary dance. Weaving the unexpected and the experimental (CLD) presents an intimate salon series of performances ideal for gallery and non-traditional performance venues which help to accentuate the sculptural qualities of the dance and the dancers. The company features 8 dancers and vigorously supports performances with live music.
In a boundary exploding collaboration fusing classical music and percussive dance Symphonicity features dancer/choreographer Max Pollak of Rumba Tap and conductor/harpsichordist Kenneth Hamrick with 3 members of Fusion Bande in a dynamic rhythmic exploration of the primal roots of music and dance. Be prepared to respond to tempo, pulse, resonance, and acoustics as the lines blur between dancer and musician, performer and audience. The emerging tribal energy and spontaneity reaches back to the impact of Afro-Caribbean grooves on 17th century European music, all set in a sonic environment of period instruments, tuned acoustic boxes and skin on skin.
Spanish dance company Compañia DanZarte founded in 2006 makes its US premiere with VOY! The company’s second production by noted director/choreographer Teresa Martin with an original score by composer Alfredo Lagos. VOY! Breaks away from the traditional flamenco performance by developing it through a more contemporary means of expression. The concept of VOY!, incorporating texts sourced from differing spiritual traditions, offers a profound fusion of music, theater and dance now a trademark of Compañia DanZarte. VOY! Had its premiere in November 2009 in Madrid and features 9 dancers and 5 musicians when live music performances are requested. VOY! ‘Call me, and I will go”.
  DESTINS CROISÉS: Montreal, Québec
Contemporary urban dance
Near Future and Loops
The mixture of genres, the accessibility and contagious energy of the performances position Destins Croisés between contemporary dance and a variety of urban dance forms. Established in 2000 by Ismaël Mouaraki of French-Moroccan background, Destins Croisés continuously pushes the limits of dance by confronting images, habits and issues of social origins as reflected in diverse cultures. Loops (2007), created in the Montreal underground subway and Near Future (revived in 2009), inspired by the Inventions of the 20th and 21st centuries, exhibit the mixture of delicacy, power, and emotion that is now associated the company.